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The idea that God knows the future is a precept oversimplified to the point of being dangerous. Events do not proceed in an undeviating line from the beginning of time til its end. There are many possible futures, and God knows them all. In the ordinary course, he does not intervene. He knows what is inevitable, and he knows when it becomes inevitable - a given event may be ineluctable from the time of creation, or it may be locked scant nano-seconds before it occurs. God knows all that is and all that can be, but he does not know what will be until it will be (at which point it becomes "is"). Even this concept is oversimplified, but it approaches the realities adequately.

It is said that God's will is irresistible, and I agree that it is so, but again, the precept is oversimplified. His will is wholly resistible unless he chooses to impose it. God wills that all be saved - and many are lost. That fact adequately demonstrates the point.

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