One person chooses Christ and another doesn't. Why?

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One person chooses Christ and another doesn't. Why?

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:05 pm

Why does one person come to God and another not? What makes the difference?

I walk out to the back yard with bread and a cup of rice and oats. Halfway to the feeding point, the pigeons start wheeling in from their perches on nearby rooves. They will settle into their usual divisions immediately after the bread has been scattered on the ground. The main group, about forty of them, will converge on the bread furthest from me. With but one exception, the food does not draw the members of that group to me, nor does it draw the half dozen or so that remain on the roof edges until I leave the yard.
Any bread between that group and the second group of about thirty pigeons  will remain untouched until supply begins to run low. The second group has four subdivisions. While the food draws them to me, some will make closer approach than others. Three or four will stand at the outer edge of the circle, watching me hand feed others, but unwilling to approach closer. I toss small pieces of bread to them, but they run away when they see the food coming toward them, and most commonly, others from the inner group will get it first. Roughly half of the inner group will mill around, climb over my feet, and chase any food that I drop among them, or that falls to the ground when others are feeding from my hand.
The remainder will crowd in around me to take food from my hand. Of these, there are six that will fly up to perch on my arms or legs and argue about who gets to eat from the oats and rice straight from the cup. A seventh, “Doujou,” from the outer group, will join them. He and “Furutori” will stay with me even when the cup is empty and there is more bread to be had on the ground. I can pat Furutori and Pyfillin, but Doujou will flee at the first touch. If I attempt to pat Tack, he will sidle back and forth along my arm to avoid being touched. If I pat Furutori while Tack is present, Tack will peck Furutori.
From the outset, I made no distinctions between the pigeons. (with the singular exception of Scrawny, now deceased – him I made a fuss of). They were left to choose their own responses and actions, yet their behaviour was radically different - and those who have made the strongest positive responses have afforded me the opportunity to give them a little extra. What makes the difference? Only their own choices.

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